Woodbristle Homestead

Part of the influx of halfling refugees, the Woodbristle clan struck out from Leveton to find a wide open space where they could spread out. Their patriarch Divram Woodbristle took a mutual liking to Neitan Bunce and the established farmers agreed to give the halflings somewhere to live while they dug out their burrows in the hills near the Bunce farm.

Resourceful and tenacious, Divram and his siblings excavated a system of burrows beneath a hillside and have cultivated brambles and thistles to protect their underground homestead with a thorny palisade. They are excellent subterranean farmers with extensive fungus gardens and superior mushrooms. The Woodbristles and Bunces are very friendly, engaging in frequent visits and virtually non-stop trade between the two families.

In addition to being excellent mushroom farmers the Woodbristles are also capable dog trainers- part of the reason they were being taken to Restov to sell. They have a kennel full of trained riding and war dogs which they use to patrol the area around their new home and their adopted, big-footed family, the Bunces.

The Woodbristles sell mushrooms and other cultivated fungus but prefer to keep their big, trained dogs for their own protection.

Woodbristle Homestead

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