Tuskwater Lake


The largest lake in the Stolen Lands at nearly 18 miles long, 12 miles across, and hundreds of feet deep, the Tuskwater is a cold, rocky lake on the edge of the Kamelands surrounded by cliffs and steep hills. Most attempts to civilize the region have begun with a settlement on the banks of this lake, the most recent of which is Pază, atop the hills on the lake’s northern shore.

Nearly every river in the Kamelands and Narlmarches leads inevitably to the Tuskwater. The Tuskwater supplies a large fraction of Pază’s food and an even larger share of the city’s exports. The lake is very bountiful, full of pike, longnose gar, sturgeon, bluegill, and fanged eels. Sturgeon roe and eels in particular are highly valued, considered rare delicacies on the tables of New Stetven and greater Brevoy, and the city has quickly established a growing fishing fleet to supply them.

The lake experiences seasonal floods, brought on by the spring thaw, spilling out into ravines along its length to the west. These floods create gullies and pits of standing water that annually explodes the local populations of mosquitoes, stirges, snakes, and assassin vines.

Tuskwater Lake

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