Skill Unlocks

Player characters are exceptional and can do things non-player characters cannot. For this reason, all PCs with enough ranks in a skill can automatically use Skill Unlocks for that skill. For example, a PC with enough Diplomacy ranks can influence attitudes more quickly and make the effects last longer than an NPC.

For Unchained Rogues, unlocks are available from 1 rank of a skill with the Rogue’s Edge class feature. The 5 Ranks listed unlock ability is available at 1 Rank, the 10 Ranks ability at 5 Ranks, the 15 Ranks ability at 10 Ranks, and the 20 Ranks ability at 15 Ranks. Replacement capstone abilities acquired at 20 Ranks will be discussed when the characters approach level 20.

Rogues gain Rogue’s Edge at levels 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20.

Individual skill unlocks can be found by going here, selecting the skill you are interested in, and then scrolling down or searching for the word ‘Unchained’.

Skill Unlocks

Into the Wild (KingMaker AP) karlprosek