Nivakta's Crossing

The southernmost village in Rostland, Nivakta’s Crossing, is an alert town of tradesmen, hunters, fishermen, and trappers. The village itself is surrounded by a wooden palisade and is set on the northeastern bank of the Shrike River. A low bridge allows access over the river here to the wilderness to the south— the southwestern side of the bridge being fortified by well-manned guard towers.

The people of Nivakta’s Crossing are sturdy, down to earth, and possess stunted senses of humor. Serious to a fault, they are somewhat suspicious of visitors from what they call “the South,” but they’re willing to take the PCs’ coin for trade nonetheless.

Bronin is from a small thorp near Nivakta’s Crossing.

Nivakta’s Crossing
Government Autocracy
Population 140 (110 humans, 15 gnomes, 10 dwarves, 5 others)
Notable NPCs
Lord Mayor Irven Revanisu
Sheriff Lorin Kaven
Abbot Kara Ilarenika

Nivakta's Crossing

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