New Uses for Old Skills

Most chanicters use Appraise to judge the value of physica objects. However, Appraise can also evaluate abstract valuables like trade offers, treaties, and political deals.

Check: To evaluate an abstract valuable, make an Appraise check (DC 20). If you succeed, tbe GM must point out all significant benefits of the deal or offer, and the costs or consequences that would result from your
character agreeing to it. If there is a hidden clause or consequence that your character might regret later, the GM must inform you of it. The GM must tell you whether this is a “good deal” for your character. (This judgment is subjective, but the GM musL present your
character’s informed opinion. What you do with that opinion is up to you.)

You may also use Appraise to determine the value or an abstract valuable to another character. This requires a successful check against a DC of 30. The GM secretly rolls this check for you. If you succeed, you receive the
information above as it would apply to the other character. If you fail, the GM may give you inaccurate information.

Special: Evaluating a deal takes more skill than judging the worth of a necklace. You must have at least 6 ranks in Appraise and 4 ranks in either Knowledge (Law) or Knowledge (Local) to assess the worth of an abstract valuable.

Sometimes one or more parties involved in a deal may wish to misrepresent it. Any party who wishes to obscure the deal may make a Bluff check. To correctly evaluate the deal, your Appraise check must exceed all the Bluff
checks as well as the normal DC.

If you have 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (law) or Knowledge (local), you get a +2 synergy bonus on Appraise checks to evaluate an abstract valuable.

Gather Information [CHA]
Not all information is gained in a smoky bar. Sometimes you have to dig through ancient tomes or government files to learn what you need to know.

Check: If you are doing research that involves documents or physical evidence instead of interaction with others, you may still make a Gather Information check. You apply your Intelligence modifier instead or your Charisma modifier, however. The time spent, cost, and
DC is up to the GM but is usually identical to a Charisma-based check. Only the method changes.

Special: Other Gather Information bonuses and penalties may also apply. In general, the bonus applies if it depends on training and skill rather than a winning personality.

Knowledge (law) is a new field or study. You may create and understand legal texts, or evaluate the legality of an action. A lawyer or politician uses Knowledge (Law) to find or write the correct law to describe a situation.

Check: Here are some of the tasks Knowledge (law) can accomplish:

DC Task
10 Determine if a common of daily activity is legal or not

15 Write a simple law, determining if an unusual or rare activity is legal or not

20 Write a complicated law that takes into account special cases or establishes legal standards of measurement. Write a competent legal argument that proves a civil or criminal case.

25 Rerognize the loopholes in an existing law and know how to exploit them.

30 Write a legal theory that proves an existing law should be reinterpreted or overturned.

35 Develop a complete legal system from two or three basic principles.

Special: If you have 5 or more ranks in Appraise, you get a +2 synergy bonus on Knowledge (law) checks to create and understand legal texts.

Perform (oratory) is a new type of performance.
Lawyers and politicians often use it to make speeches, convince others with verbal arguments, or impress audiences with their talent and skill. It doesn’t change
attitudes, as that takes a Charisma check, but it does convince an audience to agree with your position.

Check: Most Perform (oratory) checks are opposed, with the higher result winning the agreement of the audience. However, here are some benchmarks of what Perform (oratory) can accomplish.

DC Task
10 Convince an audience with a Helpful attitude to agree with your position.

15 Convince an audience with a Friendly attitude to agree with your position. Speak as skillfully as a village head man does.

20 Convince an audience with an Indifferent attitude to agree with your position. Speak as skillfully as a city council member docs.

25 Speak as well as a city mayor or a general does.

30 Convince an audience with an Unfriendly attitude to agree with your position. Speak as skillfully as most national politicians do.

35 Speak with the skill and authority of most presidents or emperors.

40 Convince an audience with a Hostile attitude to agree wilh your position (assuming they let you speak at all).

Special: lf you have 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (law), you get a +2 synergy bonus on Perform (oratory) checks to make legal arguments.

New Uses for Old Skills

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