New Races


In addition, the psionic races on the PFSRD from Dreamscarred Press’s Psionics Unleashed are allowed.

Psionic racial lands:
Blues: Wherever goblins can be found, you can find blues.

Dromites: The dromites have their city-hives in the upper reaches of the Darklands, Nar-Voth. Many may not even be considered part of the Darklands proper, as their burrowed-out hives are not all connected to Sekamina.

Duergar: Duergar live in many of the abandoned dwarven cities scattered throughout Nar-Voth. They are one of the most widely spread races in that level of the Darklands.

Elans: Essentially human, elans can conceivably be found anywhere in the world one would find humanity. But their secret society is centered in Vudra and can be encountered anywhere someone could find worshippers of Irori. Many elans venerate Irori as the pinnacle of their quest for self-perfection.

Half-giants: The half-giants’ birthplace is in the Windswept Wastes of central Casmaron. Some scholars believe they are the result of Keleshites who intermingled with giants, with their fire resistance a blessing from Sarenrae.

Maenads: Maenads are commonly found in Vudra and are famed sailors. As such, they can be found almost anywhere in the world, so long as that place is near the sea.

Ophiduans: These reclusive lizard-folk have no known homeland on Golarion. Some posit they are from another planet, perhaps Castrovel, and the occasional ophiduan encountered here has been the victim or beneficiary of a magical portal or powerful spell or psionic effect. Others theorize they may be connected to Golarion’s ancient serpentfolk empire and disappeared when it fell.

Xephs : Their civilization is centered in a great forested canyon in the vicinity of Vudra, where they fill a similar niche to elves. Xephs are a common sight throughout Casmaron and southeastern Avistan. As a race of travelers who value artistic expression, Desna and Shelyn are important gods to them.

New Races

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