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Veteris by the Lake

Northern Veteris

The Stolen Lands

The River Kingdoms

Kingdom Events

Erastus 4712: Kingdom of Veteris established on the shores of Tuskwater Lake
Arodus: good weather and economic boom
Rova 4712: population boom (The Halfling Caravan)
Lamashan 4712: boomtown (Leveton)
Neth 4712: localized disaster (Pază)- bad water
Kuthona 4712: building demand (Pază)- cistern
Abadius 4713: The Carnival of Tears (Pază)

Trade Deals

Military Units

Reference Materials

Kingdom Leadership Role Descriptions

Bounty Board

Cold Weather Equipment
Cold Weather Terrain
Overland Movement
Overview Map
Wilderness Perception
Winter Hazards

Loot database

Important Deities

Extra Mechanics for PC Use

Downtime Activities
Hero Points

Support Documents and New Mechanics

KingMaker Player’s Guide

Feat Scaling
New Magic Items
New Races
New Uses for Old Skills
Psionics-Magic Transparency
Skill Unlocks

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