Feat Scaling

Feats that provide a static bonus to named skills, saves, or abilities increase in efficacy as the PC increases in level. Several combat feats have been removed or altered; see the Combat Feats page for more information.

The bonus provided by + 2 feats increases by + 2 for every 5 levels a PC possesses (+ 2 at levels 1-5, + 4 at levels 6-10, + 6 at levels 11-15, + 8 at levels 16-20). These feats include (but are not limited to):

Animal Affinity
Breadth of Experience
Careful Speaker
Cooperative Casting
Deft Hands
Great Fortitude
Improved Channel
Iron Will
Lightning Reflexes
Magical Aptitude
Weapon Specialization

The bonus provided by + 1 feats increases by + 1 for every 5 levels a PC possesses (+ 1 at levels 1-5, + 2 at levels 6-10, + 3 at levels 11-15, + 4 at levels 16-20). These feats include (but are not limited to):

Arcane Strike
Point Blank Shot
Shield Focus
Spell Focus
Weapon Focus

This replaces, rather than appends to, the way these feats work in the Core Rules. For example, if you have 10 ranks in a relevant skill at 10th level, the bonus remains +4, not +6 or +8.

This extends to (and replaces) similar racial and class abilities, such as the Artificer’s Elbow Grease ability. Ask the Dungeon Master for more information, or if you are unsure whether this applies in your case.

Please note that the Greater feats that stack on top of their lesser versions (such as Greater Weapon Focus/Specialization and Greater Spell Focus/Penetration) do not exist in this campaign. The standardized progress for the lesser core feats makes them unnecessary.

Feat Scaling

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