Eternal Wands

Over the centuries of general peace and stability in the Inner Sea region, the artificers and wizards of the Arcanarium perfected a new form of wand built around a crystal that could store magical energy. Once perfected, the idea was so popular that it spread to magic users everywhere.

An eternal wand holds a spell of 3rd level or lower with a maximum caster level of 6th. Unlike a traditional wand that holds 50 charges, an eternal wand allows any character who can cast spells of the correct type to use the spell contained in it an unlimited number of times per day.

Eternal Wand
An eternal wand is like a normal wand, but it doesn’t run out of charges. Instead, it can be used twice per day.

Eternal Wand, Lesser
This is like an Eternal Wand, but can only be used once per day.

Eternal Wand, Greater
This is like an Eternal Wand, but can be used three times per day.

Aura: Faint CL 1st (0 & 1st level), 3rd (2nd level), 5th (3rd level)


Lesser Wand Greater
Lvl. 1, 400 Lvl. 2, 2400 Lvl. 3, 6000
Lvl. 1, 800 Lvl. 2, 4800 Lvl. 3, 12000
Lvl. 1, 1200 Lvl. 2, 7200 Lvl. 3, 18000

Eternal Wands

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