Third Swordlord Elena Belova


Trained as priestess of Iomedae, Belova is the epitome of courage in battle. She is a living standard for fellow followers of the Light of the Sword, fully believing in honor, justice, and righteousness carrying the day. That said, her family is from a long line of proud Rostlanders that views Choral the Conqueror’s invasion and subjugation of Rostland as a long-standing and illegal occupation.

She supports virtually any vote that will result in a negative outcome for the Great Houses of Brevoy or may lead to conflict with the north. Belova is also one of the strongest supporters for closer ties with Mivon, which she sees as capable of providing support for a future civil war to free Rostland.

She has focused her house’s resources to provide support for war efforts. Her farms produce food that is typically prepared for use in field support, and her other industries are wood and wagon crafting (siege engines and logistical caravans) and weapon and armor smithing.

In council, she is normally cool headed and easy going. However, of late she is nearly seething with anger against the northern Houses after what she considers a miscarriage of justice by Lord Dusana, owing to his ruling against a dead young woman’s family. Lord Dusana judged that there was insufficient evidence the young man who was accused of the crime was guilty. Lady Elena supported the family throughout the trial and feels that Lord Dusana must have been swayed by money or promises of support by the young man’s wealthy family.

Third Swordlord Elena Belova

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