The Bloodstone Swords

Mercenary soldiers hired by the Council of Veteris to defend Leveton, led by Dragan Tomislav.


Ash- shifter scout with dark brown fur dappled with black, quiet and observant
Danika- woman as big as the average man, with short cropped blonde hair and a bastard sword
Dawn- shifter woman warrior, expert with a spear
Dhavik- half-orc with a huge falchion
Elise- dark haired young woman with a bow, pretty and friendly but none too smart
Harris- red haired man with a scruffy beard, a scout who spends lots of time out exploring
Marcus- young blonde man, crack shot with a crossbow

Their standard load includes scale mail, buckler, longspear, longsword, and light crossbow. They also carry a sap in case they need to disable a target instead of kill it and a thunderstone to use as a warning signal.

Danika and Dhavik both carry huge two-handed swords instead of longswords and spears- her a bastard sword and him a falchion- while Ash and Harris both wear chain shirts intead of the heavier scale mail. Elise is the only one in the group to carry a longbow instead of a crossbow.

As their numbers have grown from a single squad to a company, Captain Tomislav has been forced to assert a more military discipline to his men. That said, he still doesn’t seem to care much what their men do on their off hours as long as they do their jobs while on duty. SInce part of that duty includes breaking up bar fights and protecting citizens from assault on the streets, the Bloodstone Swords are a much more well behaved group these days.

The Bloodstone Swords

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