Swordlord Julia Jacob


Youngest of the Swordlords and heir to House Jacob, she has only been attending the council for a little over two years, after being approved as a stand-in for her father, who rarely attends meetings unless an important vote is up for discussion. She is beautiful and deadly, well-mannered and well-spoken, intelligent and perceptive. In short, the flower of Aldori excellence. She serves the council as a diplomat and ambassador to other factions in Brevoy.

Julia is widely considered the most promising duelist of her generation and of the Council is only clearly outmatched on the dueling floor by the two greats- Cervantes and Eleder. This is an exceptional feat, given that she is not yet out of her teens.

In council, Julia rarely speaks and spends most of her time observing and listening. She is highly regarded as an emerging presence among the Council and will carry great weight after death or infirmity takes her father off the council for good.

Swordlord Julia Jacob

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