Second Swordlord Georges Eleder


A cavalier of high regard, he competes often in tournaments and almost without exception wins handedly at everything he competes in. A paragon of lancework, riding, and archery, he prefers the regular aldori sword for battle and is considered one of the city’s foremost duelists.

He will always act with the utmost courtesy, honor, and etiquette, but he also treats those less honorable as they deserve and has little regard for those of less noble birth or combat capability. His determination is legendary and he is loathe to retreat, often succeeding due to sheer bullheadedness where others would give up. His heavy cavalry are the strong right arm of the Swordlords military might.

In council, he is not considered exceptionally bright, and rarely weighs in against the consensus unless it is a matter of honor or propriety, in which case he is passionately outspoken and will champion the cause until its success.

Second Swordlord Georges Eleder

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