Parin Dusana

A noblewoman of House Medvyed with a special link to the world of the fey.


Female Human Oracle 4


From a cadet branch of the great House Medvyed, Parin has money but little in the way of political backing, having been raised mostly on her family’s estate and not very well known in Restov’s social circles.

Her father had a reputation as an unmatched animal trainer and horseman – at least until his accident 4 years ago. He is the last male living in that branch of the family, which would make Parin his only heir, but she’s only been seen socially a handful of times since she turned sixteen – which was pretty-much the first time anyone “who matters” discovered she existed. It was something of a surprise when it became known that Parin was a Charter signatory. She had no reason to be so. She stood (still stands) in line to inherit her father’s position, though one might assume the House would look to get her married to solidify the line again (and keep the wealth “in the family”). Her membership in the Charter could complicate that, somewhat. Not that her father’s position is an important one, but the Dusana’s animal husbandry has proven to generate a fair bit of coin (not vast wealth, but very comfortable). Anyone who held the seat – and was smart enough to keep the business going – would see a significant boost to their family coffers – especially if there were to be a sudden need for well-trained war horses and dogs in the kingdom.

As the highest-ranking (though not the most influential) signatory of the Greenbelt Charter, Parin has become the notional head of the fledgeling organization – which has probably complicated her inheritance/marriage situation even further, though if the Charter fails (which it very well could, given the youth, inexperience, and dangers it is contending with), Parin would have little choice but to return to the fold and do her duty to family and House.

Parin Dusana

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