Neitan Bunce

Patriarch of the Bunce poultry farm, the prosperous farm to the west of Oleg's Trading Post.


The Bunce farm grows corn, vegetables, and all sorts of poultry for their own consumption and for sale to the people of the Stolen Lands.

The Bunce farm is run by a large, extended family. The farm was passed down from their parents to Neitan and his three brothers, who now live there with their mother, their four wives, two pairs of in-laws, and 15 children aged 7 to 15.

The family lives in 5 houses (the main house, flanked by 4 smaller houses around a large farmyard) and maintains a cornfield to the west of the houses, a field of vegetables to the south, a fenced-in lake and poultry coops to the north, with a barn, silo and various utility buildings behind the big house to the west in between the houses and the cornfield.

Neitan Bunce

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