Mother Molvor

A witch doctor living in the Old Margreve


The Old Margreve’s resident witch. She lives in a covered wagon and keeps a tidy yard around her mobile home. Those with sharp eyes might notice that the wagon has no wheels or axles, and those with exceedingly sharp eyes might notice the eight long, thin lines radiating out from the wagon, buried just under the ground and that the wagon’s cover is not made of wood or thatch at all, but made of something that looks like fur or perhaps webbing.

The Kings first found Mother Molvor near Levoca, and while the shifters there seemed to think she lived nearby, the Charter found the witch’s wagon and tidy little yard dozens of miles from the little town. Time flows strangely around Mother Molvor’s wagon, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, and things sometimes appear out of thin air- a table and chairs where you could swear there hadn’t been anything before, for example.

Mother Molvor

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