Lord Mayor Iosephos Sellemius


Lord Mayor of Restov, Iosephos works hard to maintain a balance between the interests of his city and the interests of the Dragonscale Throne. He regularly converses with Lord Medvyed and Lady Lebeda to keep things peaceful in the former duchy of Rogarvia. While the former Rogarvia banner-houses scramble to be granted the vacated duchy, Sellemius works just as hard to keep the seat empty.

As much as he tries to maintain a peaceful state among the Swordlords, the energies of the Swordlords count strongly in council voting, and he must allow some release of pent up energy occasionally in order to maintain his place on the council.

Well into his 50s, he has a regal bearing and is still quite capable on the battlefield, a seasoned leader and veteran of many battles and duels. While not the strongest swordsman on the council, his wisdom, cool head, and his skill in the deadly arena of political skirmishing make him the most respected man in the battle for control of House Rogarvia’s lands.

In council, he speaks slowly and only after much thought, and his words carry much weight among the Swordlords. He is known as the cool head and always wants to bring every side to bear in decisions made by council. He often relies on wizards and other magical resources to gather his information and strives to carry out his duty with honor.

Lord Mayor Iosephos Sellemius

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