High Priest Evanki Keegh


Evanki Keege, living in Restov with his wife Yolinda and son Benjen, is the leader of the church of Erastil in the city. Like many priests of Old Deadeye, Keegh is always willing to lend a hand when people need help and is known to be a very capable carpenter. He enthusiasm is infectious and he can often be found repairing houses around the city. Like many in the church, he strongly believes in the value of family, marriage, and children.

As the city’s high priest of Erastil, he has a seat on the Council but rarely attends meetings. He is more often found ministering to the flock or helping the needy. That said, he is the single least divisive figure on the Council and is respected by virtually everyone in the city for his charity and virtue.

Ezvanki is in his late 20s, young for a high-priest.

High Priest Evanki Keegh

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