First Swordlord Jamandi Aldori


A very straightforward and passionate woman in her late 30s, and generally recognized as the city’s greatest warrior (though not Restov’s greatest duelist). Her standard attire is full battle armor and weapons, often looking as if she walked in off the battlefield (which isn’t always far from the truth). She often hires out as mercenary support for nearby conflicts to keep her troops seasoned and prepared for war, as well as to provide gold for her house.

Her manors are all well fortified and well supplied, and in time of dire necessity, the Swordlords would likely withdraw to her estate to plan their tactics. She has many specialized battle troops, including sappers, hippogriff riders, and fortification specialists. She is also rumored to have extensive druidic resources and employ druids in various support roles, like anti-fortification, reconnaissance, and healing. Most of her lands are wilderness in return for their support, which includes raising her famed hippogriff mounts.

In council, she tends to approach all decisions tactically with an eye towards which choice would gain better advantage if a war were to start today. While often skewed, the Swordlords usually defer to her for tactics and strategy, and she rarely disappoints. She has been rather constant in supporting Lord Iosephos, but of late is worried the throne is going to strike against them in a cowardly fashion in an attempt to cripple them, and is rumored to be leaning towards initiating the conflict.

First Swordlord Jamandi Aldori

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