Findecáno 'Finn' Súrion

An elf who can catch lightning, bottle fire and harness the wind. All without magic.


Elf Male Dweomerwright 4
Tall and thin, Finn Súrion has the typical features for his race. Blonde-haired to mid-back and blue-eyed (though the latter are often covered by goggles with multiple oddly-colored lenses), he generally has a somewhat absent air about him despite the fact that he rarely seems to miss what’s going on around him. (Unless he’s working, in which case the world could be exploding around him and he’d only give an irritated ‘shush’ in response.)

Usually cloaked in darkened leather armor that somehow seems to affect the area around him, if you get a good look at him, you usually have to look a second time, just to eye the odd things he has on him. Aside from the atypical weapons (a spear and a trident, of all things) and all-too-typical adventuring gear, he wears a metallic-looking belt from which hangs more than one cylindrical-shaped device. Three, to be specific, all of different lengths. One is barely bigger than the size of his hand, with a small button on the top of it. The second is roughly the size of his foreleg, with a T-shaped pipe attached to the top, and the third extends the length from his hip to roughly the top of his boots.


Not much is known about Finn’s history before he showed up at Oleg’s Trading Post. He doesn’t talk about it. His choice of primary weapons (longspear and trident) and the fact that he speaks fluent Aquan probably means he lived somewhere near the water, not that that narrows things down much.

Findecáno 'Finn' Súrion

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