Father Avery Tessino

A former priest of Erastil Finn traveled with for a time.


An older man in his early 40’s.


Once a priest of Erastil to a small settlement to the east in the River Kingdoms named Mandaville, he turned away from his faith when the settlement was butchered by barbarians and Erastil did nothing to stop the slaughter. A bitter shell of his former self, part of him loathes the bandit he has become, but most of him enjoys the suffering he inflicts upon others — why shouldn’t THEY suffer like his settlement did.

For a time, he and Finn traveled together, until they encountered a small band of bandits in the Narlmarches. Instead of getting robbed and kllled, he managed to convince the bandits that he and Súrion had come to join them. During their travels, the bandits bragged that their leader was a powerful warrior called the Stag Lord who lived in a castle to the southeast.

After they separated, and Finn ended up at Oleg’s Trading Post, Avery found himself at the Stag Lord’s castle, He’d believed he’d seen the worst that people could do to each other, wondering how a good, just god could let things like that happen to their followers.

He was wrong. What he saw happening in the domain of the Stag Lord eventually sent him back to his faith he thought he’d set aside. Now he hopes that he will be there to help shepherd those who survive the destruction (self or otherwise) of the Stag Lord.

When Finn appeared with Asher and Glain (acting as if he were Happs) with a mock-tied-up Bronin and Parin, his concern about the treatment of the two ladies was obvious, if a bit secretive. But then, he would have to hide that from the other bandits.

(Image is Brian Cox as William d’Aubigny in Ironclad)

Father Avery Tessino

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