Captain General Vadim Korotya


Head of the city’s militsya, Korotya has to be a combination of police commissioner and army general. He is reknowned for his displays of anger, frequently breaking furniture and hurling things at people who bring him displeasing news. In council he often yells, curses, and berates other council members when he feels they are being obstructionist or deliberately obtuse.

He is a capable battlefield commander and an above-average strategist, but his real talent lies in organizing and maintaining large organizations. He has a head for detail and a knack for recognizing when reports don’t say everything they seem to. Korotya is able to encourage efficiency and root out corruption, making him an ideal commander for a garrison force such as Restov’s city militsya.

Korotya quietly seethed under Rogarvian rule and since the disappearance of House Rogarvia, he has been pushing for more and more autonomy for the city and has asked for the council to give him more money to recruit and train more troops.

Captain General Vadim Korotya

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