Billy Biloar

A Mwangi shifter with a big crossbow, come north to hunt even bigger game.


A hairy man with the look of a somewhat scruffy scoundrel, possessing rogueish good looks and a deep tan, Billy is both a loyal friend and notoriously unreliable. He’s the sort of hard-drinking, fist-fighting womanizer that frontier dives seem so full of, quick to laugh and buy a round of beer once a matter has been settled in a bit of a dust-up. His amazing dexterity is often on display in a game of knife-between-the-fingers just to earn that next round of beer. He has an unpolished manner but an exotic Mwangi accent, which he leverages mainly towards brief romantic liasons. His two true great loves, though, are beer and his massive crossbow Rhonda.

Billy wears brown trousers held up with suspenders and a dusty grey shirt that was white once, and his boots have seen hard wear. He wears a long dark gray oilskin duster and a wide-brimmed brown hat rather than a cloak, and he keeps his monstrously large crossbow lovingly cleaned and oiled.

Billy Biloar

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