Into the Wild (KingMaker AP)

8 Erastus, 4717
The adventure begins!

Dark skies and cooler weather.

Sunrise: 3:53 AM (twilight began at 2:55 AM)
Sunset: 9:14 PM (twilight ended at 10:12 PM)
Length of Visible Light: 19h 17m
Length of Day : 17h 21m

After a nighttime ambush, the Consortium caravan finally makes it to Varnhold Pass and the end of the trail.

7 Erastus, 4717
Half-ogres and hill giants

Overcast but a little warmer.

Sunrise: 3:55 AM (twilight began at 2:57 AM)
Sunset: 9:12 PM (twilight ended at 10:10 PM)
Length of Visible Light: 19h 13m
Length of Day : 17h 17m

Finally reaching Varnmeet around mid-morning, the guards head to a tavern full of rivermen while the Consortium shifts their lumber from barges to wagons. When an angry half-ogre comes looking for information on Irig Maldos and his crew, Sir Alfric confounds him with logic and sends him on his way without a fight.

Once the wagons are ready, the Consortium caravan gets under way. Under cover of darkness, the encamped caravan is attacked by a band of hill giants.

6 Erastus, 4717

Overcast and a little warmer.

5 Erastus, 4717

A foggy morning leads to a stormy afternoon.

4 Erastus, 4717
The night griffon

A warm day that promises a coming storm.

Sunrise: 3:52 AM (twilight began at 2:51 AM)
Sunset: 9:15 PM (twilight ended at 10:13 PM)
Length of Visible Light: 18h 23m
Length of Day : 17h 34m

In the middle of the night, the caravan guards stopped a group of hunters trying to capture a sentient beast- an extremely rare owl griffon.

1 Erastus, 4717
A time of new beginnings

A clear, overcast day.

Sunrise: 3:49 AM (twilight began at 2:49 AM)
Sunset: 9:16 PM (twilight ended at 10:15 PM)
Length of Visible Light: 18h 57m
Length of Day : 17h 37m

A caravan of wood from the Veteris Lumber Cooperative to Maegar Varn set out from Pază to Fort Varnhold in Varn Heights Pass, expected to arrive around 8 Erastus.

12 Sarenith, 4713
The Challenge of the Fang

The Charter headed into the heart of the Old Margreve to face the once in a generation Challenge of the Fang. The rulers of Veteris triumphed over the Would-Be King of Wolves, saving the shifter girl Czerwona and recovering the ancient axe known as Wolf Killer. Following their success, everyone in Veteris finds travel in the Margreve easier than it had been, though the close grown, old growth trees and sky-blocking branches still make it a difficult region to traverse.

22 Abadius, 4713
The Carnival Comes to Town

An extremely cold, clear day. Snow is on the ground and the river is frozen solid.

Sunrise: 9:42 AM (twilight began at 8:59 AM)
Sunset: 5:41 PM (twilight ended at 6:25 PM)
Length of Visible Light: 9h 25m
Length of Day : 7h 59m

The first day of a planned 3 day carnival designed to alleviate the townspeoples’ restlessness after the long, hard winter.

Unfortunately for the residents of the city, the Carnival, corrupted by the Cold Rider and enchanted by the powerful Eye of Rapture, resulted in 300 deaths and unwilling transformations. Members of the Council and the Five Kings were able to defeat the Cold Rider in less than 2 hours, preventing any more deaths.

The city mourned for a month and the Council declared 22 Abadius a holiday, Remembrance Day, to commemorate the tragedy and celebrate the lives of the dead.

1 Arodus, 4712

Founder’s Day
A long, beautiful sunny day.

Sunrise: 5:31 AM (twilight began at 2:02 AM)
Sunset: 9:27 PM (twilight ended at 12:57 AM next day)
Length of Visible Light: 17h 27m
Length of Day : 15h 55m

After nearly an influx of settlers from Restov and a month of preparations, the foundations of the first new buildings in the city of Paza were begun. 1 Arodus was declared a holiday by acclamation of Veteris’s Council.

2 Erastus, 4712
The Day the Stag Lord Died

A warm, clear day.

Sunrise: 4:50 AM (twilight began at 2:06 AM)
Sunset: 10:17 PM (twilight ended at 1:02 AM next day)
Length of Visible Light: 19h 28m
Length of Day : 17h 27m

The Charter
After days of travel, the Charter talked their way into the Stag Lord’s fort. They discovered unrest among the bandits and found that the Stag Lord’s lieutenant, Akiros Ismort, was disgusted with the situation and ready to overthrow the bandit lord. Surprising him in his bed, the Charter fought and killed the fierce Stag Lord, with Akiros taking grievous damage.

After regrouping, the Charter went in search of Dovan of Nisroch, another of the Stag Lord’s lieutenants, but did not find him asleep. Glain Nimblefoot went scouting for the bandit lieutenant and killed him in single combat at the cost of his own life.

With these two dead and Akiros sworn to penance and service, the bandit threat in the Greenbelt was broken.