Into the Wild (KingMaker AP)

7 Erastus, 4717

Half-ogres and hill giants

Overcast but a little warmer.

Sunrise: 3:55 AM (twilight began at 2:57 AM)
Sunset: 9:12 PM (twilight ended at 10:10 PM)
Length of Visible Light: 19h 13m
Length of Day : 17h 17m

Finally reaching Varnmeet around mid-morning, the guards head to a tavern full of rivermen while the Consortium shifts their lumber from barges to wagons. When an angry half-ogre comes looking for information on Irig Maldos and his crew, Sir Alfric confounds him with logic and sends him on his way without a fight.

Once the wagons are ready, the Consortium caravan gets under way. Under cover of darkness, the encamped caravan is attacked by a band of hill giants.