Into the Wild (KingMaker AP)

22 Abadius, 4713

The Carnival Comes to Town

An extremely cold, clear day. Snow is on the ground and the river is frozen solid.

Sunrise: 9:42 AM (twilight began at 8:59 AM)
Sunset: 5:41 PM (twilight ended at 6:25 PM)
Length of Visible Light: 9h 25m
Length of Day : 7h 59m

The first day of a planned 3 day carnival designed to alleviate the townspeoples’ restlessness after the long, hard winter.

Unfortunately for the residents of the city, the Carnival, corrupted by the Cold Rider and enchanted by the powerful Eye of Rapture, resulted in 300 deaths and unwilling transformations. Members of the Council and the Five Kings were able to defeat the Cold Rider in less than 2 hours, preventing any more deaths.

The city mourned for a month and the Council declared 22 Abadius a holiday, Remembrance Day, to commemorate the tragedy and celebrate the lives of the dead.