Into the Wild (KingMaker AP)

21 Sarenith, 4712

A warm, clear day.

Sunrise: 4:44 AM (twilight began at 1:57 AM)
Sunset: 10:06 PM (twilight ended at 12:52 AM next day)
Length of Visible Light: 19h 18m
Length of Day : 17h 21m

The Charter
Asher, Glain, and Parin set out for Restov with Finn’s shopping list and a progress report for the Swordlords.

Bronin and Finn went to visit Bokken.

The Five Kings
After being rudely awakened by shouts in the night, the adventurers fought a monster made of living wood and tracked it back to its lair- or perhaps its master- and fought an evil, sentient tree.