Into the Wild (KingMaker AP)

19 Sarenith, 4712

A warm, clear day.

Sunrise: 4:43 AM (twilight began at 2:04 AM)
Sunset: 10:20 PM (twilight ended at 12:59 AM next day)

The Charter

Chasing down Svetlana’s wedding ring, the Charter headed south to the reputed home of the mites, an Old Sycamore towering over the hills of the western edge of the Kamelands. On the way there they stumbled across the den of a mated pair of kamadan, who stalked the Charter out of their hunting range. While scouting the den, Glain noticed a vein of gold in the cave wall, promising at a rich strike should anyone mine there.

The Charter headed southeast from the possible gold mine to the Old Sycamore, where they found an entrance into the cramped tunnels of the mites’ lair and freed the kobold Mikmek from his torture and captivity and fought the ferocious mite chieftan Grabbles and his mighty giant tick mount Tickleback.

Five Kings

Outfitted with one of Súrion’s magical map making boxes, the Five Kings headed south to hunt down Tuskgutter. Instead of finding the deadly boar, though, the adventurers stumbled across a shambling mound that nearly killed the magus Kai. After a close victory they discovered a patch of healing mushrooms and headed to the close-by Thorn River Camp to heal and rest.

While resting, a lost shifter girl stumbled into their camp and after hearing about the strange goings on back at her village, Levoca, they agreed to take her home through the strange and perilous forest.