Into the Wild (KingMaker AP)

18 Sarenith, 4712

Another warm, clear day.

Sunrise: 4:43 AM (twilight began at 2:03 AM)
Sunset: 10:19 PM (twilight ended at 12:59 AM next day)

The party woke at Oleg’s Trading Post after a peaceful night and traveled to the Applewood to investigate the thieves who had been raiding the Bunce farm. Their new fey friends Pearlie and Tigger led them to a tiny brownie village, where the Charter met a pair of brownies, Fran and Rool.

The Charter followed the trail of clues from the brownies to a talking owl, from the owl to a polluted stream where an ancient treant had taken root. After a great deal of effort, they woke the sleepy Finglas and convinced him to move out of the stream up onto the bank but promised in return to come back the next spring to find and care for the treant’s offspring.

On returning to Oleg’s Trading Post, the Charter discovered a new group of adventurers had moved into the Greenbelt. Unlike the Black Banners, the Five Kings were amenable to working with the Charter as they all worked to explore the wild Margreve and the surrounding region.