Into the Wild (KingMaker AP)

17 Sarenith, 4712

A warm, clear day.

Sunrise: 4:43 AM (twilight began at 2:03 AM)
Sunset: 10:19 PM (twilight ended at 12:58 AM next day)

After a surprisingly good night’s sleep, the Charter, along with Byron and Yolan, made their way through the forest and back to Oleg’s Trading Post to check in and regroup. They found that Burke d’Magnon had started reinforcing the defenses around the Post, using the captured bandits for labor.

The Charter discovered that the Swordlords of Restov had sent forces to defend Oleg’s Trading Post in the form of a small unit of Bloodstone Swords. Led by Kesten Garess and his second, Dragan Tomislav, the 8 mercenaries should be a capable force, especially behind the Oleg’s tall, strong walls.

The Charter were alerted to thieves in the Applewood when they visited the Bunce poultry farm. While investigating, they discovered strange drawings of labyrinths and horned men in the wood. They also encountered a pair of mischievious fey, Pearlie the faerie dragon and Tigger the grig, who agreed to watch the farm overnight.