Into the Wild (KingMaker AP)

14 Sarenith, 4712

Rain on and off all day.

Sunrise: 4:43 AM (twilight began at 2:03 AM)
Sunset: 10:17 PM (twilight ended at 12:58 AM next day)

After a quiet night spent at Fort Serenko the party leaves early in the morning to make Oleg’s Trading Post after another long day of riding. Willas Gundarson catches them on the road and joins the group, telling them he is searching for a lost elven fort in the Narlmarches.

The party meets Oleg and Svetlana, the couple who run the trading post, and are informed a group of bandits will be coming in the morning to extort “taxes” in the name of the Stag Lord. The party decides to ambush the bandits in the morning.

Glain reveals that he was once a bandit himself.