Oleg's Trading Post

Located approximately 100 miles from Restov along the South Rostland Road, Oleg’s Trading Post is the northernmost outpost of the new kingdom of Veteris. It is first and foremost a trading outpost, with a well protected stockade and stable for caravans traveling the South Rostland Road, a store stocked with caravan supplies and survival gear, a comfortable inn, and the most famous brewery from Restov to New Stetven.

It is the center of a small, scattered community of frontier farmers and the trappers, hunters, woodcutters, charcoal burners and others who choose to make their lives in the wilds of Veteris’s northern fringe. The small town is surrounded by a 15’ foot high wooden palisade. The town is centered on an open market fronting the old trading post, large enough to accommodate several caravans.

The town is the hub of the small community making up northern Veteris. Leveton primarily sells food from local farms and drink from Leveton Brewery, horses for riding or harness, survival supplies for woodsfolk and explorers, and caravan supplies and services. The small town has to import most of its processed goods, such as armor, weapons, and metal tools. A few times a year, though, Leveton receives a shipment of sulfur from Levoca. This mineral is dangerous to mine and highly prized by arcanists everywhere, and derives a high premium for the town when it is available.

There are a few small farms close to town but the larger community spreads out for miles. There are two large farms, an apiary, a ranch, and a hedge wizard all within a few hours ride or a long day’s walk. To the west, the Bunce family farm grows corn and vegetables and trade turkeys and chickens. The Bunces welcomed a clan of halflings in the hills near their farm and a number of smaller family farms have clustered around the two large clans for safety and self-support. To the southwest, closer to forest, the Shelburne family has been maintaining an orchard of apples, peaches and sour cherries since before Oleg arrived. There is also a beekeeper who lives to the southeast (Tenzekil Braybrittle) and a hermit who makes potions a little bit further to the east (Bokken).

A major crossroads, Leveton sits at the junction of 2 major roads and a network of smaller roads. The South Rostland Road runs east to Restov and northwest to New Stetven just north of Leveton’s walls. Swan Road splits off from the South Rostland Road halfway to New Stetven, branching further northwest with its northern end in far-off Silverhall- a Lebedan farming community sits off the Road a few miles northwest of Leveton. The North Road runs south to north from Leveton to Paza through Leveton.

Temple Road leads southwest past Shelburne Orchard through the Old Margreve to Erastil’s Temple of the Elk, one of the few safe paths through that dark wood. Ranch Road leads southeast, the trail trampled into the grass by Vekkel’s horses and travelers seeking out Bokken or Valerie’s assistance. Farm Road leads almost directly west to the cluster of farms that have sprung up around the Bunce Poultry Farm and Woodbristle Homestead.

Leveton (formerly Oleg’s Trading Post)
NG Small Town
Corruption +0; Crime +0; Economy +2; Law -2; Lore -1; Society +5
Qualities Prosperous, Strategic Location
Danger +0

Government Council
Population 1580 (1185 humans, 244 halflings, 151 other)

Notable NPCs
Oleg Leveton (Mayor, brewmaster of Leveton Brewery)
Svetlana Leveton (Veteris Council Councillor)
Captain Dragan Tomislav (City Councilman, Bloodstone Sword unit commander)
Kai Vauntfloe (Suli Bloodstone Sword, former member of the Five Kings)
Natalya Lagunov (City Councilwoman, priestess of Abadar)
Tribin Alehouse (City Councilman, Halfling priest of Cayden Cailean, assistant brewmaster of Leveton Brewery)
Kyras al Hisan (City Councilman, Qadiran half-elf owner of Leveton Caravanserai)
Sir Jory Wythers (Lebedan knight, commander of the Swan Knights)

Base Value 1430 gp; Purchase Limit 5000 gp; Spellcasting 4th
Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 1d6; Major Items —

A desciption of the settlement statistics can be found on the Settlements page of the PRD.

Oleg's Trading Post

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