Into the Wild (KingMaker AP)

2 Erastus, 4712

The Day the Stag Lord Died

A warm, clear day.

Sunrise: 4:50 AM (twilight began at 2:06 AM)
Sunset: 10:17 PM (twilight ended at 1:02 AM next day)
Length of Visible Light: 19h 28m
Length of Day : 17h 27m

The Charter
After days of travel, the Charter talked their way into the Stag Lord’s fort. They discovered unrest among the bandits and found that the Stag Lord’s lieutenant, Akiros Ismort, was disgusted with the situation and ready to overthrow the bandit lord. Surprising him in his bed, the Charter fought and killed the fierce Stag Lord, with Akiros taking grievous damage.

After regrouping, the Charter went in search of Dovan of Nisroch, another of the Stag Lord’s lieutenants, but did not find him asleep. Glain Nimblefoot went scouting for the bandit lieutenant and killed him in single combat at the cost of his own life.

With these two dead and Akiros sworn to penance and service, the bandit threat in the Greenbelt was broken.



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